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Facebook Opens its Data API to (Some) Media Partners

Today, Facebook made an announcement that should interest anyone who uses social data. Effective immediately, Facebook will be opening its data API to a select group of media partners. According to today’s blog post, organizations that are part of this … Continue reading

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Build Credibility by Prioritizing Your Social Data

One of the most frequent challenges of analytics teams, particularly those who handle social data, is the ad-hoc nature of report requests. When a manager or colleague needs a report (a) in the next hour  (b) by the end of … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Get Smart About Social Data Intelligence

I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about social data: what it is, what it isn’t, how to measure it, where it’s going. But even the best strategy for collecting, analyzing and interpreting social data is just a … Continue reading

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Collaborative Storytelling: A View from Startupfest 2013

Long time no talk, but the good news is that I’ve been heads down on my latest research report, launching soon. Watch this space. I had the opportunity to speak at Startupfest 2013 this morning on the topic of “Collaborative … Continue reading

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Three Principles for Measuring the Value of Enterprise Social Networks

I had the opportunity to speak at Webtrends Engage last week about social media measurement, both external and internal. On the external social media side, we’ve been wrestling with the Great Philosophical Questions for some time: What is the ROI? … Continue reading

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SAP on HANA: Real-TIme Enterprise is Looking More Real

Thursday’s news–that SAP announced the availability of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA–could easily go unremarked by people outside the enterprise software world, but it’s an important milestone for those of us interested in big data, the real-time enterprise … Continue reading

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Big Data: It’s time to start thinking about DX

Back in September, I spoke on a panel at Dreamforce in which I used my Nike FuelBand to illustrate the difference between data and metrics, arguing that the difference is meaning: data is the raw material; metrics are one way … Continue reading

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Binders Full of Women: When a Meme Hijacks Your Brand

During the second Presidential debate this week, it only took a few moments for a social media/community manager named Veronica De Souza to claim the URL Not long after, YouTube exploded with parody videos. All of this is to … Continue reading

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The New LinkedIn: It’s (Mostly) About You

Today, LinkedIn announced a revamp of its profile pages around three core principles: simplify (the experience), grow (in terms of network, value add) and everyday (provide everyday utility) In April, when the company announced its iPad app, they described their … Continue reading

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