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Data Everywhere: Lessons from Big Data in the TV Industry

During the past several years, the television industry has changed dramatically, spurred by device proliferation, changing distribution methods, and the increasing popularity of social media. Today, TV is everywhere. It’s on your phone, your tablet, your gaming console and someday will be … Continue reading

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Time to Change: Disruptive Innovation Panel at Xerox PARC

I had the opportunity to participate on a panel recently called “Time to Change – Culture and Brand Disruption Leading to Innovation.” It was hosted by Xerox PARC as part of their PARC forum series, and featured Todd Wilms of … Continue reading

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2014: The Year of Data Disruption

Linguist Geoff Nunberg’s annual “Word of the Year” posts offer an instructive peek into the American psyche. In 2012, he chose “Big Data”. In 2013, his pick was (no, not “twerk”) “selfie.” Nunberg makes his selections based on dominant news stories, … Continue reading

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Build Credibility by Prioritizing Your Social Data

One of the most frequent challenges of analytics teams, particularly those who handle social data, is the ad-hoc nature of report requests. When a manager or colleague needs a report (a) in the next hour  (b) by the end of … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Get Smart About Social Data Intelligence

I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about social data: what it is, what it isn’t, how to measure it, where it’s going. But even the best strategy for collecting, analyzing and interpreting social data is just a … Continue reading

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Big Data: It’s time to start thinking about DX

Back in September, I spoke on a panel at Dreamforce in which I used my Nike FuelBand to illustrate the difference between data and metrics, arguing that the difference is meaning: data is the raw material; metrics are one way … Continue reading

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