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Twitter Buys Gnip: What’s Next for the Social Data Ecosystem?

Today, Twitter announced its intent to purchase social data provider Gnip, one of its certified reseller partners, for an undisclosed sum. It’s not a surprising move in many ways, given the increasing pressure on Twitter to monetize its content. At the … Continue reading

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New Report, New Service Offerings for Social Data

Late last year, I started wondering about social media command centers. Salesforce had launched one, as had Brandwatch, but I wondered: were they really still relevant? Were companies investing in command center deployments, or had interest subsided since their heyday … Continue reading

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Superbowl Ads and Social Data: Where’s the End Zone?

Let me preface this  by admitting that I’m not an American football fan. Sorry. But I do love the window-dressing of the Superbowl: the inane commentary, the screams of joy and agony from the living room (and neighboring houses), the … Continue reading

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2014: The Year of Data Disruption

Linguist Geoff Nunberg’s annual “Word of the Year” posts offer an instructive peek into the American psyche. In 2012, he chose “Big Data”. In 2013, his pick was (no, not “twerk”) “selfie.” Nunberg makes his selections based on dominant news stories, … Continue reading

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An Industry Association for Social Data: The Big Boulder Initiative

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a working session of The Big Boulder Initiative, an industry association founded to promote understanding and development of the emerging  social data market. It’s been an eventful week in … Continue reading

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From Shopping Carts to Poisoned Names, Every Data Point Tells a Story

Every so often, I’d like to profile someone who’s doing interesting things with data. Meet Hilary Parker of Etsy (yes, that’s her in the photo). While at Strata & Hadoop World last week, I had the chance to attend Ignite, a … Continue reading

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Social Data Intelligence: Survey Says

Back in July, when we published Social Data Intelligence, we were curious to discover how organizations would rank themselves using the criteria in our maturity map. How many companies are in the “ad-hoc” stage? How many consider themselves to be … Continue reading

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The Emerging Social Data Ecosystem

It’s Social Data Week, and I spent Monday at DataSift’s San Francisco conference. Like Big Boulder (which is produced by Gnip and is now entering its third year), Social Data Week is focused on the emerging dialogue around social data, its stakeholders, … Continue reading

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Facebook Opens its Data API to (Some) Media Partners

Today, Facebook made an announcement that should interest anyone who uses social data. Effective immediately, Facebook will be opening its data API to a select group of media partners. According to today’s blog post, organizations that are part of this … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Get Smart About Social Data Intelligence

I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about social data: what it is, what it isn’t, how to measure it, where it’s going. But even the best strategy for collecting, analyzing and interpreting social data is just a … Continue reading

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