Collaborative Storytelling: A View from Startupfest 2013

WLong time no talk, but the good news is that I’ve been heads down on my latest research report, launching soon. Watch this space.

I had the opportunity to speak at Startupfest 2013 this morning on the topic of “Collaborative Storytelling.” Seemingly a little out of my usual wheelhouse, but actually quite relevant: the relationship between storytelling and data is important. The digital world makes our ability to build relationships with our community–whether they’re customers, investors, partners or prospects–all the more critical. We’re not in it for the quick transaction anymore, nor should we be. Everything we as organizations and individuals do or say needs to be relevant and/or useful to what our community is thinking and feeling in our connected, digital world.

So here is the talk. It’s a little more of a balance of art and science than usual, but borne out of a real passion for flipping the conversation about customer relationships. Think Galileo: customers don’t revolve around us. We revolve around them. And how do we know how to be relevant? By listening, by collecting data, by seeing what resonates and what doesn’t.

Here are the slides:

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1 Response to Collaborative Storytelling: A View from Startupfest 2013

  1. Susan,

    Because you come from the communications world, you can appreciate the biggest obstacle for companies in embracing storytelling comes down to “seeing the world as their customers/prospects see the world.” The academic world might call this “empathetic content.” While it sounds simple, it tough for most companies to shift from a sales mode (buy me) to storytelling mode (interesting stuff, no?).


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