Data Everywhere: Lessons from Big Data in the TV Industry

1440150_38509981During the past several years, the television industry has changed dramatically, spurred by device proliferation, changing distribution methods, and the increasing popularity of social media.

Today, TV is everywhere. It’s on your phone, your tablet, your gaming console and someday will be on devices that are yet to be invented. It’s non-linear, time-shifted, multi-screen, and it’s creating new streams of digital data that were unimaginable even a few short years ago.

For this new research report: Data Everywhere: Lessons From Big Data in the Television Industry, Altimeter Group interviewed television brands, technology innovators and industry thought leaders to better understand industry drivers, new consumer behaviors and the data impacts of these shifts.

We looked at how TV is changing, and how new streams of data are transforming the business, from programming and distribution decisions to promotion and ratings:

  • Programming: ideation or validation of a programming decision;
  • Distribution: where to distribute content, whether it is syndicated entertainment or other types of owned media;
  • Promotion: How and where to identify influencers and develop, time, promote, and target content; and
  • Ratings and Performance Evaluation: New and augmented performance insight.

Fig1e3 (2)We identified emerging best practices from industry leaders, and lay out the data sources that inform their strategies, and incorporated examples from the media and music industries, as well as many from TV.

While TV is a unique industry in many ways, many of the lessons learned about the challenges and opportunities to extract insight and take action are universal:

  • The delicate balance of data and creativity in programming;
  • The role of data in ideating or validating product decisions;
  • The many and complex facets of content strategy;
  • How data can be used to acquire audiences, target ads, map influence and inform many other aspects of marketing strategy; and
  • How we gauge the performance of all of these strategies as they support business objectives.

As with all Altimeter Group research, Data Everywhere: Lessons From Big Data in the Television Industry is available at no cost under Creative Commons. Please feel free to read and share it, and please let us know your reactions, as well as how these lessons apply to your own organization.



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