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Binders Full of Women: When a Meme Hijacks Your Brand

During the second Presidential debate this week, it only took a few moments for a social media/community manager named Veronica De Souza to claim the URL Not long after, YouTube exploded with parody videos. All of this is to … Continue reading

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In Crisis Planning, Emotion is Data

It stands to reason that social media would one day become a perfect vehicle for social and political action. Lately, we’re seeing more online activism in various forms–to fundraise, to organize, and, lately, to protest. One of the most popular … Continue reading

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In Crisis, Force = Mass x Acceleration

Here’s a scenario for you: Tomorrow morning when you wake up, there are a dozen voicemails on your cellphone and a few dozen emails. You check both regularly, so it’s not that you let them pile up. Something is wrong. … Continue reading

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