wAIMG_1585 (1) (1)Susan Etlinger is an industry analyst with Altimeter Group, where she focuses on data strategy, analytics and ethical data use. She conducts independent research on these topics and is the author of several related research reports available for download at altimetergroup.com, on her blog, susanetlinger.com, and on SlideShare.

Susan works with global 2000 organizations to incorporate strategic and ethical data use into organizational culture and practice. She helps organizations develop frameworks and process that enable them to extract insights from multiple data streams and act on them in a practical, trustworthy and scalable manner. Susan also works with technology vendors to refine product roadmaps and strategies based on her independent research.

Susan is recognized as one of the most influential voices in the Big Data industry. Her TED talk on big data has been viewed nearly one million times. Additionally, she is a member of the board of The Big Boulder Initiative, an industry organization dedicated to promoting the successful and ethical use of social data. She is regularly interviewed and asked to speak on data strategy and best practices for business, and has been quoted in outlets including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, the BBC and Fast Company.

She is a published translator and holds a B.A in Rhetoric from the University of California at Berkeley.

More about Susan on her blog: http://www.susanetlinger.com.
Email: susan (at) altimetergroup (dot) com, find her on Twitter at setlinger, or contact her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanetlinger.

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  3. Roger @ Brazil says:

    Hi Susan,

    I really loved your lecture on Ted’s. Your voice tone is fantastic!!! You could be a singer, really! Besides, your knowledge and total domain about data is fascinating. When I grow up I want to be like you are – an amazing person and a great professional.

    God bless you ever!

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