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Twitter Buys Gnip: What’s Next for the Social Data Ecosystem?

Today, Twitter announced its intent to purchase social data provider Gnip, one of its certified reseller partners, for an undisclosed sum. It’s not a surprising move in many ways, given the increasing pressure on Twitter to monetize its content. At the … Continue reading

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Facebook Opens its Data API to (Some) Media Partners

Today, Facebook made an announcement that should interest anyone who uses social data. Effective immediately, Facebook will be opening its data API to a select group of media partners. According to today’s blog post, organizations that are part of this … Continue reading

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The New LinkedIn: It’s (Mostly) About You

Today, LinkedIn announced a revamp of its profile pages around three core principles: simplify (the experience), grow (in terms of network, value add) and everyday (provide everyday utility) In April, when the company announced its iPad app, they described their … Continue reading

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LinkedIn for iPad: Quantifying the Professional Self

I’ve always liked LinkedIn, but I’ve never loved it; I know I need to check it and keep it up, but it’s more an obligation than a pleasure, a vitamin than a treat. It’s information. At the same time, the work … Continue reading

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Variations on a Theme of Multi-Channel Attribution

Avinash Kaushik published an important blog post last week entitled “Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality Check.” It’s a valuable framework for understanding attribution, which is a fancy way of saying “how we understand the impact of marketing and advertising … Continue reading

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Facebook Apps for Timeline: Three Implications for Business

This week, Facebook announced “Applications for Timeline,” including a freshman set of 60 partners. The focus, as expected, is on entertaining, highly social activities such as fashion, music, fitness, food and travel. The idea is that people can now integrate apps … Continue reading

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