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2014: The Year of Data Disruption

Linguist Geoff Nunberg’s annual “Word of the Year” posts offer an instructive peek into the American psyche. In 2012, he chose “Big Data”. In 2013, his pick was (no, not “twerk”) “selfie.” Nunberg makes his selections based on dominant news stories, … Continue reading

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Social Data Market Momentum: It’s Not About the Firehose

In the past year, social data has continued to wend its way into organizations of all types, from large enterprise to small business to media and entertainment and the public sector. We’ve seen use cases far past marketing into product … Continue reading

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Social Data Intelligence: Survey Says

Back in July, when we published Social Data Intelligence, we were curious to discover how organizations would rank themselves using the criteria in our maturity map. How many companies are in the “ad-hoc” stage? How many consider themselves to be … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Get Smart About Social Data Intelligence

I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about social data: what it is, what it isn’t, how to measure it, where it’s going. But even the best strategy for collecting, analyzing and interpreting social data is just a … Continue reading

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SAP on HANA: Real-TIme Enterprise is Looking More Real

Thursday’s news–that SAP announced the availability of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA–could easily go unremarked by people outside the enterprise software world, but it’s an important milestone for those of us interested in big data, the real-time enterprise … Continue reading

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Big Data: It’s time to start thinking about DX

Back in September, I spoke on a panel at Dreamforce in which I used my Nike FuelBand to illustrate the difference between data and metrics, arguing that the difference is meaning: data is the raw material; metrics are one way … Continue reading

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The New LinkedIn: It’s (Mostly) About You

Today, LinkedIn announced a revamp of its profile pages around three core principles: simplify (the experience), grow (in terms of network, value add) and everyday (provide everyday utility) In April, when the company announced its iPad app, they described their … Continue reading

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Social data is the canary in the coal mine for Big Data

I spoke at the Boston eMetrics Symposium yesterday on the subject of Big Data; specifically, how we will build organizations that can adapt to it, extract insights and act on them in a meaningful way. People generally discuss Big Data … Continue reading

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