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  1. We believe social media can provide critical insight into customer opinion. We have combined very deep, highly tuned natural language processing technology with a 75 million source social media listening post so that we can access that opinion in an accurate way. While many companies have sentiment analysis technology, it is critical to understand both only general sentiment, but also to be able to connect sentiment with the “why.”

    Attensity works with many companies that use Net Promoter (Charles Schwab, Travelocity, JetBlue and others). They use Attensity to get to the “why” behind the score so that businesses know what actions to take to impact the score and what the score stands for: satisfaction and, ultimately, loyalty. For the Net Promoter score found using surveys we dig deeper into the response to understand why one company might have a great score and another might be declining.

    The same would go for the SparkScore – creating a score from unstructured data, using sentiment technology is difficult to get right, getting to the “why” behind the score is even harder. In the case of social, the context, the detail, the relationships, the level of influence and many other factors provide the real insight behind business actionable social analytics. While we are excited that more players are realizing the value in this social data – a score alone is a good start – but the companies who start with this score- will inevitably want the why!


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